The SSGCID and its sister-center, CSGID, have formed partnerships with specialized groups and provide structure determination support to advance partnership goals.  These projects are externally supported and the two NIAID funded Structural Genomics Centers of Infectious Disease (SGCIDs) provide in-kind support for structure determination efforts.  Solved structures determined by the SGCIDs are deposited into the Protein Data Bank (PDB).  Partnerships include:

  • the Structure-guided Drug Discovery Coalition (SDDC)
  • the Consortium for Structure-guided Microbial Resistance Targets (cSMRT)
  • The STRucture-guided Influenza Vaccine initiativE (STRIVE)

SSGCID and CSGID welcome new inquiries to form partnerships from both academic and industrial focused partners. For more information please contact us at:


Funding opportunities

  1. Partnerships R01.  No academic partner required.  $4M over 5 years.  Deadline is October 3rd.
  2. BAA-16-100-SOL-00001.  Rolling application deadline every three months, two stage application process.  First stage is a “quad-chart” and a white paper.  Funding and timeline vary.

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