Beryllium's role in the SSGCID will include gene construction and expression testing in bacterial and cell-free systems, large-scale protein production and purification; crystallization screening and production, pre-screening of crystals before they are sent for data collection at the synchrotron beam-lines, and structure determination using the resulting data.

Beryllium Site Team

Thomas E. Edwards, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator of the Beryllium Site Team

Dr. Edwards serves as Beryllium’s Co-Principal Investigator to the SSGCID project.  In this role, Dr. Edwards is responsible for oversight of all aspects of Beryllium’s research activities within SSGCID, and also serves as Beryllium’s principal contact with CIDResearch and NIAID.

Don Lorimer, Ph.D., Site Lead for the Beryllium Team

Dr. Lorimer serves as the Site Lead for all of Beryllium’s activities for the SSGCID project.


Featured Structures

Overlay of 3 Bartonella BID domains

Bartonella BID

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