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Cited Structures: list of articles citing SSGCID structures

We are actively tracking the number of publications by the scientific community which reference our structures, whether in the main text, figure captions or supplementary material. Selected articles are manually reviewed. Publications by SSGCID authors are excluded from the manually reviewed list. From our manual curation results, we estimate that the false positive rate might be as high as 50% for some structures.

This list was obtained from Google Scholar searches using an API provided by Christian Kreibich.

Cited structures

Manually reviewed citations

# PDB Additional SSGCID structures cited Link Title Year Citation Highlighted abstract
1 3f0d 4l83, 4lsm, 4lhr, 3swo, 4nbr, 4kzp, 4mpq, 4kyx, 3urr, 3v7n, 4lsb, 4ni5, 3pme, 4maq, 3quv, 4lfy, 3qxz, 4efi, 3uw3, 4nim, 3m1x, 4mg4, 4lc3, 4jqp, 3laa, 4kzk, 4ijn, 4lvu, 3te8, 3md7, 3mqd A Study of Residue Contact Number Among the Amino Acid and Structural Alphabet 2015 - 2015 - ... present in the protein inside or outside with the local secondary structure and demonstratePage 4. iii ... Keyword: Structural Alphabet, Amino Acid Interaction, Amino Acid contact, scoringmatrix Page 5. ... 3-1PDB DSSP .... ...
2 3uam - Studies on structures of novel sugar metabolic enzymes 2015 - 2015 - ... Page 10. 4 Table 1-1 Classification of structure-known LPMOs. Organisms Protein Name FamilyPDB Fungi Hypcrea jecorina GH61B AA9 2VTC Thielavia terrestris GH61E AA9 3EII, 3EJA ...Burkholderia pseudomallei CBM33 AA10 3UAM 1-1-2 Enzymes in Leloir pathway ...
3 4f82 - Crystal Structures and Reaction Mechanism of 1-Cys Peroxiredoxin from Vibrio vulnificus 2016 - 2016 - ... 2011) using a putative thioredoxin reductase from Burkholderia cenocepacia ( PDB code 4F82 ) as a search model. ... proteins. A. The dimeric unit of the VvPrx3 (C48D/C73S) structure at the reduced ... tuberculosis (green; PDB code 1XXU). ...
4 3quv - Structural Studies of Csd6 Protein from Helicobacter pylori and Rv2258c Protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2016 - 2016 - ... Figure 2-3. Dimeric structure and the oligomeric state of Rv2258c 112 Figure 2-4. Sequence alignment of Rv2258c with its close structural homologs 117 ... Figure 2-6. Comparison of monomer structures of Rv2258c-SFG and M. ...
5 3o0h - Structure of flavoprotein RclA from food-borne pathogens, and its molecular mechanism contributing to hypochlorous acid resistance 2020 - 2020 - representation is labeled with residue numbers of three proteins (first RclA, second 3O0H , third 4M52). Page 36. 26 3.4 I searched for the closest protein to RclA in terms of structure using the DALI server (30). Mercuric reductase (MerA) ( PDB code: 4K7Z), a group II FDR
6 4dgq - Structural and Biophysical Characterization of human NDRG3, a key component of lactate-induced hypoxia responses 2020 - 2020 - 85 Figure 49 Structural comparison of C rmsd values at 5 mM and 87 Figure 51 Molecular dynamic simulation on NDRG3 C30S structure for 100 picoseconds PCR Polymerase chain reaction PDB Protein data bank PEG Polyethylene glycol
7 4h3e - A theoretical study on the reaction pathways of peroxynitrite formation and decay at nonheme iron centers 2014 AA Attia, R Silaghi-Dumitrescu - International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2014 - Wiley Online Library ... The quantum chemical calculations were performed on four chemical models. These models comprised the active sites of SOR from Pyrococcus furiosus (PDB id 1DQI) and FeSOD from Trypanosoma cruzi (PDB id 4H3E) in their ferrous and ferric forms. ...
8 6vyb - Metal-Bound Methisazone; Novel Drugs Targeting Prophylaxis and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2, a Molecular Docking Study 2021 A Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud M Alkhatip- International Journal of, 2021 - SARS-CoV-2 currently lacks effective first-line drug treatment. We present promising data from in silico docking studies of new Methisazone compounds (modified with calcium, Ca; iron, Fe; magnesium, Mg; manganese, Mn; or zinc, Zn) designed to bind more strongly to key proteins ... We found that the highest binding interactions were found with the spike protein (6VYB), with the highest overall binding being observed with Mn-bound Methisazone at −8.3 kcal/mol,
9 6bfu - Glycosylation of viral surface proteins probed by mass spectrometry 2019 AA Hargett, MB Renfrow- Current opinion in virology, 2019 - Elsevier spike GP has 26 NGS with 15 in subunit 1 and 11 in subunit 2 ( PDB : 6BFU ) [89]. (e) Influenza virus hemagglutinin is a homotrimer with 11 NGS ( PDB : 4FNK) [92] can be coupled with other biological data to better understand the role of glycosylation in the structure and function
10 6cfp - New anti-viral drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 instead of favipiravir 2020 A Akta, B Tzn, R Aslan, K Sayin- Biomolecular Structure, 2020 - Taylor & Francis According to Table 2, the 6CFP protein is not inhibited by any ligands RNA polymerase proteins with PDB IDs of 6NUR and 6NUS were reported in late 2019 and early In this calculation, the ligand and protein are flexible and solvent molecules surround the entire structure