Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease


University of Washington NMR Group (UW NMR)

The UW is also known for its excellence in NMR-based structure determination, hosting a number of spectrometers. In addition to the NMR facilities, the UW has state-of-art IT infrastructure, as well as the equipment and know-how for protein expression and purification with appropriate patterns required for NMR-based structure determination.

UW-NMR's Site Team

Gabriele Varani, Ph.D., SSGCID Co-Principal Investigator and Director of UW NMR Group

Dr. Gabriele Varani, the leader of the UW NMR Group is internationally known for his skills in NMR structure solution and has worked in this area for 20 years in the US and England.  His group is part of the larger structural biology community at UW that provides support and constant knowledge and transfer of know-how in protein structure determination and analysis.