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Participating Institutions

The SSGCID includes three Western Washington-based research organizations: Seattle Children's Research Institute, UCB, the University of Washington, and Washington State University

This partnership represents a unique blending of academic, institutional, and industrial efforts with a history of producing technological advances and innovations, expertise in infectious diseases and drug development, and proven ability to work with challenging protein targets, employing state-of-the-art structural genomic research. 

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SCRI is responsible for the overall management for the SSGCID structure determination effort as well as protein purifications from bacterial expression and mammalian systems as well as  cloning, expression and purification of protein-protein complexes.

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WSU provides equipment and expertise for NMR-based determination of the structures of a small number of proteins that cannot be solved by X-ray crystallography.

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The UW PPG provides high-throughput cloning and testing of target proteins in bacterial expression vectors, as well as large-scale protein production and purification.
The UW NMR provides equipment and expertise for NMR-based determinatnion of the structures of a small number of proteins that cannot be solved by X-ray crystallography.
UDB's role in the SSGCID included gene construction and expression testing, large-scale protein production and purification; crystallization screening and production, pre-screening of crystals before they are sent for data collection at the synchrotron beam-lines, and structure determination using the resulting data.

Other Partners

SSGCID is working closely with the other NIAID-funded center (CSGID).

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Featured Structures

Overlay of 3 Bartonella BID domains

Bartonella BID

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