Project Teams

Project Management

Overall direction and project management of the SSGCID project is overseen by a Scientific Leadership Team comprised of the PIs from each of the participating sites.  Day-to-day direction of the various teams is coordinated by the SSGCID Project Manager (located at Seattle Children's Research Institute) and Site/Project Managers at the other sites.

Seattle Children's Research Institute

Peter Myler (Principal Investigator)
Julie Early (Scientific Project Manager)
Bart Staker (Co-Investigator and Outreach Manager)


Scott Lovell (Co-Principal Investigator)


Oluwatoyin Asojo (Co-Principal Investigator)


Craig Smith (Co-Principal Investigator)


Wesley Van Voorhis (Co-Principal Investigator)
Lynn Barrett (Lab Manager)


Gabriele Varani (Co-Principal Investigator)

Washington State University

Garry Buchko (Co-Principal Investigator)

David Veesler (Co-Principal Investigator)


David Baker (Co-Principal Investigator
Lance Stewart (Co-Investigator)
Neil King (Co-Investigator)


IT & Data Management

This team is tasked with ensuring efficient and effective transfer of data and information between all SSGCID members and are primarily involved in design and maintenance of the SSGCID SharePoint site, SSGCID website and the SSGCID Central Target Tracking Database (CTTDB).  Team members are also involved with maintaining site-specific databases.

Seattle Children's Research Institute
Peter Myler
Isabelle Phan
Sandhya Subramanian


Target Selection

The Target Selection team will carry out two or three rounds of target selection each year, usually resulting in batches of 100-300 protein targets and process targets requested by the community.

Seattle Children's Research Institute
Peter Myler
Isabelle Phan
Sandhya Subramanian
Bart Staker


Cloning & Expression Testing

The cloning & expression teams at each site will design PCR primers to amplify or synthesize target genes, clone them into the appropriate vectors, and test them for soluble expression in bacterial, wheat-germ, cell-free, baculovirus and mammalian expression systems.

Seattle Children's Research Institute - Bacterial, mammalian expression systems, protein-protein complexes
Amy DeRocher
UW-PPG - Bacterial expression systems
Justin Craig


Protein Production

The protein production teams at each site will grow large-scale preps of solubly-expressed proteins and purify milligram quantities for crystallization screening and NMR-based HSQC analysis. 

Seattle Children's Research Institute
Amy DeRocher
Rachael Zigweid

Justin Craig



Crystallization testing of purified proteins from all Protein Production Teams will be carried out at UCB using a high-throughput robotic system. 


Scott Lovell


Data collection & Structure Solution

This team involves personnel at three sites and includes three different processes (X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryo-electron microscopy).

KU - X-ray crystallography

Scott Lovell

UW NMR Group - NMR
Tommy Tang

Washington State University - NMR
Garry Buchko

UW CryoEM Group - CryoEM
Young-Jun Park


Molecular modelling and protein design

This team involves personnel at the Institute of Protein Design.

Ivan Anishchankar

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