Project Teams

Project Management: Overall direction and project management of the SSGCID project is overseen by a Scientific Leadership Team comprised of the PIs from each of the five participating sites.  Day-to-day direction of the various teams is coordinated by the SSGCID Project Manager (located at Seattle BioMed) and Site/Project Managers at the other sites. 


Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDResearch)
Peter Myler (SSGCID Principal Investigator)
Robin Stacy (Senior Project Manager)
Bart Staker (Outreach Manager)


Thomas Edwards (Co-Principal Investigator)
Don Lorimer (Site Lead)

Wesley Van Voorhis (Co-Principal Investigator)
Lynn Barrett (Lab Manager)

Gabriele Varani (Co-Principal Investigator)

Washington State University
Garry Buchko (Co-Principal Investigator)


IT & Data Management: This team is tasked with ensuring efficient and effective transfer of data and information between all SSGCID members and are primarily involved in design and maintenance of the SSGCID SharePoint site, SSGCID website and the SSGCID Central Target Tracking Database (CTTDB).  Team members are also involved with maintaining site-specific databases.

Peter Myler (SSGCID Principal Investigator)
Isabelle Phan (Bioinformatics Manager)
Lisabeth Cron (Bioinformatics Programmer)
Sandhya Subramanian (Senior Bioinformatics Applications Specialist)
Robin Stacy (Senior Project Manager)


Target Selection: The Target Selection team will carry out two or three rounds of target selection each year, usually resulting in batches of 100-300 protein targets. 

Peter Myler (SSGCID Principal Investigator)
Isabelle Phan (Bioinformatics Manager)
Bart Staker (Outreach Manager)
Sandhya Subramanian (Bioinformatics Applications Specialist)


Cloning & Expression Testing: The cloning & expression teams at each site will design PCR primers to amplify or synthesize target genes, clone them into the appropriate vectors, and test them for soluble expression in bacterial, wheat-germ, cell-free, baculovirus and mammalian expression systems.

CIDResearch - Cell-free expression systems and protein-protein complexes
Bart Staker (Protein Purification and Expression Manager) 
Beryllium - Bacterial, baculovirus and mammalian expression systems
Don Lorimer (Director Molecular Biology)
 Ann Marie Butler (Molecular Biology Group Leader)
UW-PPG - Bacterial expression systems
Ryan Choi (Research Scientist Assistant)


Protein Production: The protein production teams at each site will grow large-scale preps of solubly-expressed proteins and purify milligram quantities for crystallization screening and NMR-based HSQC analysis. 

Ariel Abramov
Sally Lyons-Abbott
Dmitry Serbzhinskiy 
Kris Safford
Jameson Bullen
Vanessa Toglia 
Steve Nakazawa-Hewitt (Group Manager)
Janette Myers
: Crystallization testing of purified proteins from all Protein Production Teams will be carried out at Beryllium using a high-throughput robotic system. 

Jan Abendroth (Crystallization Core Group Leader)
Jeff Christensen
Michele Dietrich
Briana Armour
Brandy Taylor
David Dranow


Data collection & Structure Solution: This team involves personnel at three sites and includes two different processes (X-ray crystallography and NMR).

Beryllium - X-ray crystallography
Tom Edwards (Co-PI)
Jan Abendroth (Sr Research Scientist)
Matt Clifton (Project Leader I)
Jim Fairman (Group Leader I)
Doug Davies (Sr. Project Leader)
Tim Craig (Project Leader I)
Darren Begley (Project Leader I)

UW NMR Group - NMR
Suxin Zheng (Post-doctoral Scientist)
Ravi Barnwal (Research Scientist)

Washington State University - NMR
Garry Buchko (Co-Principal Investigator)

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