Production Pipeline

The target selection team will use a series of bioinformatic and manual filters to select ~500 targets each year for entry into the protein production and structure determination pipeline.  Each target will undergo cloning & expression testing and protein production at UW-PPG or SCRI. Protein from successful targets will be sent to KU for crystallization screening and pre-qualified crystal samples sent to the synchrotron beam-lines data X-ray structure solution.  A small number of high priority targets from proteins that fail to crystallize will be selected for NMR analysis at WSU and UW-PPG. Large protein-protein complexes will be solved by Cryo-electron microscopy at UW-CryoEM.

We anticipate that these approaches will yield ~75-90 protein structures per year, including several structures of the same protein(s) with different ligands.  All structures will be submitted to the Protein Data Bank (PDB), and all materials (clones and protein) generated will be publicly available.  All protocols are available for viewMetrics for deposition of X-ray crystal structures into the PDB are agreed upon between the two NIAID-funded structural genomics for infectious disease centers (SSGCID and the CSBID). 


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