The Center for infection Disease Research (CIDResearch), formerly Seattle BioMed, is a world-recognized organization with a long track record of research focused on infectious diseases. CIDResearch is responsible for the overall management for the SSGCID structure determination effort.

Seattle BioMed Site Team

Peter Myler, Ph.D., SSGCID Principal Investigator and Director of the CIDResearch Site Team
Dr. Myler leads Seattle BioMed's bioinformatics program while studying the genomics of African and American trypanosomes and Plasmodium. Dr. Myler is also the Scientific Advisor for the Seattle BioMed DNA Sequencing Core, Bioinformatics Core and Protein Production Core.

Robin Stacy, Ph.D., Senior Project Manager
Dr. Stacy coordinates activities at the four SSGCID participating institutions, supports target tracking and functions as contact liaison for the funding agency. 

Bart Staker, Ph.D., Protein Production Lead
Dr. Staker oversees CIDResearch's staff carrying out protein production and purification.

Isabelle Phan, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Core Manager
Dr. Phan oversees the IT and bioinformatics efforts of the SSGCID.

Featured Structures

Overlay of 3 Bartonella BID domains

Bartonella BID

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