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Cited Structures: list of articles citing SSGCID structures

We are actively tracking the number of publications by the scientific community which reference our structures, whether in the main text, figure captions or supplementary material. Selected articles are manually reviewed. Publications by SSGCID authors are excluded from the manually reviewed list. From our manual curation results, we estimate that the false positive rate might be as high as 50% for some structures.

This list was obtained from Google Scholar searches using an API provided by Christian Kreibich.

Cited structures

Manually reviewed citations

# PDB Additional SSGCID structures cited Link Title Year Citation Highlighted abstract
1 3tl6 - Statistical Analysis of Protein Structural Features: Relationships and PCA Grouping 2014 E Del Prete, S Dotolo, A Marabotti - Intelligence Methods for , 2014 - Springer ... 1ODK, 1PK9, 1QE5, 1TCU, 1V4N, 1VMK, 1XE3, 1Z33, 2P4S, 3KHS, 3OZE, 3SCZ, 3TL6, 3UAV,4D98 ... The legend of the right refers to PDB codes (see Table 1) with the addition ... to con- sidersome structural features as putative markers of the peculiar structure-function properties ...
2 3tmg - A conserved ABC transport system regulated by the general stress response pathways of Alpha-and Gammaproteobacteria 2016 J Herrou, JW Willett, DM Czy, G Babnigg - Journal of , 2016 - Am Soc Microbiol ... We included sequences of class I PBPs which have been co-crystallized with betaine-related ligands in our analysis, including: Archaeoglobus fulgidus ProX (PDB IDs: 1SW1, 1SW2, 1SW4 ... 1R9Q) (56), and Borrelia burgdorferi ProX (PDB ID: 3TMG) ...
3 3meq - Activity-Related Microsecond Dynamics Revealed by Temperature-Jump Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements on Thermophilic Alcohol 2018 MB Vaughn, J Zhang, TG Spiro, RB Dyer- Journal of the, 2018 - ACS Publications protein motions. figure Figure 1. Structure of ht-ADH in green with NADH and alcohol in cyan. The three tryptophan residues are yellow. This structure was created from an overlap of PDB : 1RJW and 3MEQ . The steady state
4 4lgv - Glicose 6-fosfato desidrogenase como alvo molecular para desenvolvimento de frmacos: estudos estruturais e identificao de inibidores 2016 GF Mercaldi - 2016 - ... Comparison of this structure with the human homologous enzyme Page 10. ... contribute to improve the structural and functional knowledge about the G6PDHs, an enzyme ... A) Orientao do substrato na estrutura do complexo ternrio ( PDB 5AQ1) obtido pelo nosso grupo. ...
5 3r1i - Insilico Characterization and Homology Modeling of Arabitol Dehydrogenase (ArDH) from Candida albican 2013 MW Sarwar, IB Saleem, A Ali, F Abbas - Bioinformation, 2013 - … used for multiple sequence alignment of ArDH with other dehydrogenases from Mycobacterium marinum (PDB Id: 3R1I), Candida parapsilosis ...
6 5dxd - HOMOLOGY MODELING AND STRUCTURAL STUDIES OF CELL WALL BINDING PROTEIN -1, 3, GLUCANASE FROM NEUROSPORA CRASSA 2017 KA Kumar, SK Gousia, MM Moses, JNL Latha - 5dxd .1.A 17.97 monomer HHblits X-ray 1.70 0.29 0.30 Putative beta-glucanase normalized QMEAN score (0.40) and protein size in non-redundant set of PDB structures in the and Schwede, T. Toward the estimation of the absolute quality of individual protein structure models
7 4xi8 4py3, 4n67, 4lu4 Structure et fonction des toxines bactriennes domaine FIC 2017 S Veyron - 2017 - proteins from Helicobacter pylori and Neisseria meningitidis, which were determined as part of Structural Genomics Initiatives in 2006 ( PDB entries 2G03 and 2F6S, which have no associated publications). However, the structure of FIC proteins only began to be discussed
8 3ido - Structure function relationship of phosphatases from Vibrio choleraeo395 2016 S Nath - 2016 - ... 1Z12) [5], mouse RPTPA (PDB: 2P4U) [6], yeast LTP1 (PDB: 1D1P) [7] and protozoan parasiteEntamoeba histolytica EhPtp (PDB: 3IDO) [8] are ... Com- parison of the VcLMWPTP-1 structureand surface properties with similar structures in the PDB illuminates its ...
9 3i4e - Three enzymes and one substrate; regulation of flux through the glyoxylate shunt in the opportunistic pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 2018 AL Crousilles, SK Dolan, P Brear, DY Chirgadze- bioRxiv, 2018 - IDH active site architecture with that of ICD in the AceK-ICD complex from E. coli ( PDB ; 3LCB) reveals that X-ray Diffraction, Structure Determination, and Refinement ICL, IDH and ICD were solved using the structural templates 3I4E (to be published), 4ZDA (to be published) and
10 3oc6 - Biochemical Characterization and Structural Modeling of Fused Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase-Phosphogluconolactonase from Giardia lamblia 2018 L Morales-Luna, H Serrano-Posada- International journal of, 2018 - Recent Trends and Applications of Molecular Modeling in GPCRLigand Recognition and Structure -Based Drug Design. Choose your preferred view mode Giardia lamblia. G6PD. purification. recombinant expression. bioinformatics analysis. three-dimensional structure