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Cited Structures: list of articles citing SSGCID structures

We are actively tracking the number of publications by the scientific community which reference our structures, whether in the main text, figure captions or supplementary material. Selected articles are manually reviewed. Publications by SSGCID authors are excluded from the manually reviewed list. From our manual curation results, we estimate that the false positive rate might be as high as 50% for some structures.

This list was obtained from Google Scholar searches using an API provided by Christian Kreibich.

Cited structures

Manually reviewed citations

# PDB Additional SSGCID structures cited Link Title Year Citation Highlighted abstract
1 3dms - Induced Fit and the Catalytic Mechanism of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 2012 S Gon?alves, SP Miller, MA Carrondo, AM Dean? - Biochemistry, 2012 - ACS Publications ... To date, there are 27 crystal structures of E. coli isocitrate dehydrogenase in the Protein Data Bank (Table 3). Burkholderia pseudomallei Strain 1710b (UNIPROT Q3JV82), 74.2% identity 3dms 71 1.65 2011 0.92 0.62 ...
2 4qfh - Identificao e caracterizao de inibidores da enzima glicose-6-fosfato isomerase de Leishmania mexicana 2018 SGR Mota - 2018 - A computational analysis of cavities present on LmPGI crystallographic structure suggests a potential binding site for the inhibitors PBS Phosphate Buffer Solution PDB Protein Data Bank SSGCID Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Diseases
3 6q05 - Distinct structural flexibility within SARS-CoV-2 spike protein reveals potential therapeutic targets 2020 SH Chen, MT Young, J Gounley, C Stanley, D Bhowmik- BioRxiv, 2020 - of SARS-CoV-2 ( PDB 6VSB [3]), SARS-CoV-1 ( PDB 6CRZ [15]), MERS- CoV ( PDB 6Q05 [16]), and The trimeric state of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein consists of all three chains in PDB 6VSB Each structure was solvated in the center of a water box with a minimum distance of 15 A
4 3i4e 3p0x Biochemical properties and crystal structure of isocitrate lyase from Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 2020 SH Lee, D Ki, S Kim, IK Kim, KJ Kim- Biochemical and Biophysical, 2020 - Elsevier 2.5. Structure determination of BcICL. The structure of BcICL was determined using the molecular replacement method with the CCP4 version of MOLREP [24]. The structure of Isocitrate lyase from Burkholderia pseudomallei ( PDB code 3I4E ) was used as a search model
5 6wgy 3hwk Structural basis of the cooperative activation of type II citrate synthase (HyCS) from Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26554 2021 SH Park, CW Lee, DW Bae, H Do, CS Jeong- International Journal of, 2021 - Elsevier of citrate-bound HyCS (closed conformation) and apo-EcCS (open conformation, PDB code: 4G6B residues showed a face-to-edge interaction in the open state structure of EcCS citrate binding-induced conformational changes result in the transfer of further structural changes to ... Mycobacterium tuberculosis (PDB code 3HWK), has a Lys residue at the position corresponding to Trp262 of HyCS but that from the Mycobacterium tuberculosis variant bovis AF2122/97 (PDB code 6WGY) contains a Ser residue instead
6 5vaz - DnaG PrimaseA Target for the Development of Novel Antibacterial Agents 2018 S Ilic, S Cohen, M Singh, B Tam, A Dayan, B Akabayov- Antibiotics, 2018 - 3. Structural Features of DnaG Primase: Opportunities for Drug Targeting IDs: 2HAJ, 1T3W [38,41], respectively, S. aureus PDB ID: 2LZN [42], and Vibrio cholera PDB ID: 4IM9 The crystal structure of the complex between the C-terminal part of DnaG (HBD) and the N-terminal
7 6bfu 6q04, 6nb3, 6q05, 6q07, 6nb4, 6nb7, 6q06 Systematic modeling of SARS-CoV-2 protein structures 2020 SI O'Donoghue, A Schafferhans, N Sikta, C Stolte- bioRxiv, 2020 - CoV, 82% identity, E = 10-24) with a fold not seen in any other PDB structure (CATH 3.40 from SARS-CoV-2, 98% identity, E = 10-44), all with beta barrel architecture (CATH 2.40 6acg from SARS-CoV, 77% identity, E = 10-321), of which one structure also showed
8 2n6t 2n6w, 2n6x, 2n6s F-RAG: Generating Atomic Coordinates from RNA Graphs by Fragment Assembly 2017 S Jain, T Schlick- Journal of molecular biology, 2017 - Elsevier Table 1. List of 50 RNA PDB files whose 3D structures were generated in this paper. PDB , Residues, Molecule, Structure . 2M4W, 17, HEV genome bulge, Hairpin, internal loop 2N6T , 42, CssA mRNA thermometer top, Hairpin, internal loops
9 3r9r 5vev, 3lp8 Studying the mechanism and action of Purine biosynthesis enzymes in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37RV 2018 SJ Almehmadi - 2018 - Structural determination of SAICARs in M. tuberculosis and refinement, results tetraacetic acid F1 forward primer Fc calculated structure factors Fo observed structure factors Fo-Fc OD optical density ORF open reading frame PCR polymerase chain reaction PDB protein Data
10 6q04 - Evolutionary selectivity of amino acid is inspired from the enhanced structural stability and flexibility of the folded protein 2021 SJA Rao, NP Shetty- Life Sciences, 2021 - Elsevier Evolutionary selectivity of amino acid is inspired from the enhanced structural stability and flexibility of the folded protein certain positions is governed by a well-orchestrated feedback mechanism, which follows increased stability and flexibility in the folded structure compared to