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Cited Structures: list of articles citing SSGCID structures

We are actively tracking the number of publications by the scientific community which reference our structures, whether in the main text, figure captions or supplementary material. Selected articles are manually reviewed. Publications by SSGCID authors are excluded from the manually reviewed list. From our manual curation results, we estimate that the false positive rate might be as high as 50% for some structures.

This list was obtained from Google Scholar searches using an API provided by Christian Kreibich.

Cited structures

Manually reviewed citations

# PDB Additional SSGCID structures cited Link Title Year Citation Highlighted abstract
1 3meq - Reaction and protein engineering employing a carbonyl reductase from candida parapsilosis 2012 A Jakoblinnert, UDMB Ansorge-Schumacher - 2012 - ... Four X-ray templates were selected for modeling the CPCR1 structure (349aa): Yeast ADH I from S. cerevisiae with bound trifluorethanol (347 residues with quality score 0.522, PDB ID 2HCY), ADH from Brucella melitensis (341 residues with quality score 0.590, PDB ID 3MEQ), ...
2 4x54 - The mycolic acid reductase Rv2509 has distinct structural motifs and is essential for growth in slowgrowing mycobacteria 2020 A Javid, C Cooper, A Singh, S Schindler- Molecular, 2020 - Wiley Online Library structures of the four highest-scoring experimental SDRs (3ASU/3ASV, 1XG5, 4X54 and 4BMV based on the SDR from Sphingobium yanoikuyae (4BMV. pdb ; GenBank ID ACB78183.1 structure elements of Rv2509 aligned to its corynebacterial homologues, the core structure of
3 3uam - Evolution of substrate specificity in bacterial AA10 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases 2014 AJ Book, RM Yennamalli, TE Takasuka - Biotechnology for , 2014 - ... These are from Hypocrea jecorina (Trichoderma reesei, Protein Data Bank (pdb) id: 2VTC) [24], Thielavia terrestris (pdb id: 3EII) [7 ... pdb id: 2BEM) [25], Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar EI Tor (pdb id: 2XWX) [26], Burkholderia pseudomallei (pdb id: 3UAM), and Enterococcus faecalis ...
4 2khr - Identification of outer membrane and exoproteins of carbapenem-resistant multilocus sequence type 258 Klebsiella pneumoniae 2015 AJ Brinkworth, CH Hammer, LR Olano, SD Kobayashi- PloS one, 2015 - are based on template proteins that have been submitted to the RCSB protein database as crystal structure or NMR data ID, Protein, Length (aa), 1 st Hit PDB , Protein Template, Conf, Id, 2 nd Hit PDB , Template, Conf G8VZH0, Hyp, 1007, 2bcm, DaaE adhesin, 31, 25, 2khr , MbtH
5 2khp - Effects of novel fragment-warhead adducts in situ and in vitro with glutaredoxin orthologs. 2017 AJ Caras - 2017 - ... Figure 1. Structure of RK088 ACP, an example of a fragment- warhead adduct. ... by pastmembers of Dr. Leeper's group.23 Figure 2. Solution structures of hGRX1 (PDB: 1JHB)29and BrmGRX (PDB: 2KHP)20, with the CPYC active-site motif magnified. ...
6 4dz4 - Characterising two genomic islands involved in metabolism in Neisseria meningitidis 2017 AJ Chu - 2017 - Figure 3.1-1 Simplified chemical structures of polyamines ----- 47 characterisation of the meningococcal pili structure demonstrates the organism's 135, X, Y, Z and 29E were duly classified based on structural variations in capsular
7 3tmg - Examination and reconstitution of the glycine betaine-dependent methanogenesis pathway from the obligate methylotrophic methanogen Methanolobus vulcani B1d 2020 AJ Creighbaum - 2020 - 18 Active site predictions of DhMtgB and MV8460 76 19 Predicted structural model of MV10350 compared to 78 (Hagemeier et al., 2006). No further crystal structure evidence is available to understand the mechanism of demethylation by MtsA or the enzymes responsible for
8 3tmg - Examination of the Glycine Betaine-Dependent Methylotrophic Methanogenesis Pathway: Insights Into Anaerobic Quaternary Amine Methylotrophy 2019 AJ Creighbaum, T Ticak, S Shinde, X Wang- Frontiers in, 2019 - We therefore generated models of MV8460 using the apo-crystal structure of DhMtgB ( PDB 2QNE) as a (A) The models represent the aligned global structure of DhMtgB Various crystal structures of GB-binding enzymes; 1R9L (Schiefner et al., 2004), 6EYG, 3TMG (Li et al
9 3lgj 3pgz Modified enzymes 2018 AJ Heron, RV Bowen, M Bruce- US Patent App. 15, 2018 - Google Patents In order to assess whether a suitable protein structure exists to use as a template to build a protein model, a search is performed on the protein data bank ( PDB ) database The sequence alignment and template structure are then used to produce a structural model of the The polynucleotide binding motif may be selected from any of those shown in Table 5 below. Bartonella 3LGJ, Q6G302 homo-tetramer
10 4lfy - Dihydroorotase from Bacillus anthracis and Staphylococcus aureus 2016 AJ Rice - 2016 - 2.1 Introduction Class II DHOase from E. coli has been studied at length, producing many apo and complex crystal structures (Table I). The structure revealed DHOase is a homodimer zinc metalloenzyme Organism PDB Ligand Modification Burkholderia cenocepacia 4LFY Apo