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Cited Structures: list of articles citing SSGCID structures

We are actively tracking the number of publications by the scientific community which reference our structures, whether in the main text, figure captions or supplementary material. Selected articles are manually reviewed. Publications by SSGCID authors are excluded from the manually reviewed list. From our manual curation results, we estimate that the false positive rate might be as high as 50% for some structures.

This list was obtained from Google Scholar searches using an API provided by Christian Kreibich.

Cited structures

Manually reviewed citations

# PDB Additional SSGCID structures cited Link Title Year Citation Highlighted abstract
1 5idv - Conformational States of ABC Transporter MsbA in a Lipid Environment Investigated by Small-Angle Scattering Using Stealth Carrier Nanodiscs 2018 I Josts, J Nitsche, S Maric, HD Mertens, M Moulin- Structure, 2018 - Elsevier are slightly apart, rather than in contact, as seen in the closed structure (Figure 3 2005) and a single MsbA monomer (Figure 4). We imposed several structural restraints, assuming an overall confirmation as observed for P-glycoprotein (Szewczyk et al., 2015) ( PDB : 4Q9H) and
2 6wpt 6wps Structure, Dynamics, Receptor Binding, and Antibody Binding of the Fully Glycosylated Full-Length SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein in a Viral Membrane 2021 YK Choi, Y Cao, M Frank, H Woo, SJ Park- Journal of chemical, 2021 - ACS Publications The spike (S) protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) mediates host cell entry by binding to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and is considered the major target for drug and vaccine development. We previously built fully glycosylated full-length SARS-CoV-2 S protein models in a viral membrane ... In the cryo-EM structure of the S trimer in the complex with the S309 antibody (PDB ids: 6WPS and 6WPT(51)), S309 interacts with the glycan attached to N343.
3 4wny - Twenty-Five Years of Investigating the Universal Stress Protein: Function, Structure, and Applications 2018 AC Vollmer, SJ Bark- Advances in applied microbiology, 2018 - Elsevier Since the initial discovery of universal stress protein A (UspA) 25 years ago, remarkable advances in molecular and biochemical technologies have revolutionized our understanding of biology. Many studies using these technologies have focused on characterization of the uspA gene and Usp-type proteins. These studies have identified t... Universal stress protein 4WNY B. pseudomallei Abendroth, Dranow, Lorimer, and Edwards (2008)
4 6x79 - Characterization of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein: biophysical, biochemical, structural, and antigenic analysis 2020 NG Herrera, NC Morano, A Celikgil, GI Georgiev- ACS, 2020 - ACS Publications need to produce large quantities of high-quality SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) protein for use in both clinical and basic science settings. To address this need, we have evaluated the expression and purification of two previously reported S protein constructs in Expi293F and ExpiCHO-S cells... In nine structures that align well in this region (conformation 1: 6VXX, 6X29, 6X2C, 6X79, 6ZOX, 6ZOY, 6ZP0, 6ZP1, 6ZWV), the amino acid segment 621–640 was not modeled, presumably due to disorder
5 3hm0 - Thioesterases: A new perspective based on their primary and tertiary structures 2010 DC Cantu, Y Chen, PJ Reilly - Protein Science, 2010 - Wiley Online Library ... If a crystal structure is known, the Protein Data Bank (PDB, accession code also appears. ThYme will be continuously updated: the content of each family will grow as GenBank, UniProt, and PDB do. ... Family, Fold, RMSD ave (?), P ave (%), PDB files. ...
6 6wps 6vxx CoV3D: a database of high resolution coronavirus protein structures 2021 R Gowthaman, JD Guest, R Yin- Nucleic acids, 2021 - (A) Visualization of the superposed spike RBD complexes with antibody S309 ( PDB code 6WPS ) ( 20 ) and (B) A trimeric spike structure in RBD-closed conformation ( 5 ) ( PDB code 6VXX Park YJ, Tortorici MA, Wall A., McGuire AT and Veesler D. (2020) Structure , Function, and
7 2ke0 - In silico prediction of binding sites on proteins 2010 S Leis, S Schneider, M Zacharias - Current medicinal chemistry, 2010 - ... 15 Leis et al. Table 3. Protein Test Structures pdb entry molecule state ligand Rmsd (?)b 2ANO E.coli dihydrofolate reductase bound Inh. MS-SH08-17 0 ... 1FKS_2VCD 1FKS based on 2VCD structure homology --- 2.3 1FKS_2KE0 1FKS based on 2KE0 structure homology --- 2.6 ...
8 4kam - Adaptive laboratory evolution enhances methanol tolerance and conversion in engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum 2020 Y Wang, L Fan, P Tuyishime, J Liu, K Zhang- Communications, 2020 - Synthetic methylotrophy has recently been intensively studied to achieve methanol-based biomanufacturing of fuels and chemicals. However, attempts to engineer platform microorganisms to utilize methanol mainly focus on enzyme and pathway engineering... The model structure of the wild-type Cgl0653 was constructed with the crystal structure of O-acetyl-L-homoserine sulfhydrylase from Mycobacterium marinum ATCC BAA-535 (PDB ID: 4KAM) as a template (54% sequence identity with Cgl0653)
9 6vxx - Structural impact of mutation D614G in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: enhanced infectivity and therapeutic opportunity 2020 A Fernndez- ACS medicinal chemistry letters, 2020 - ACS Publications Figure 1. Structural and epistructural interactions at the S1/S2 interface in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. (a) Positioning of D614 in the S1 chain (magenta) relative to T859 in the S2 chain (blue) at the S1/S2 interface for the spike protein structure reported in PDB6VXX
10 4ylg - Cryo-EM structure of the yeast U4/U6. U5 tri-snRNP at 3.7 resolution 2016 THD Nguyen, WP Galej, X Bai, C Oubridge - Nature, 2016 - ... 4: Secondary structure of the snRNAs in tri-snRNP. ... S. pombe ILS spliceosomal complex 19, 20(red, PDB 3JB9), was overlaid on GDPs found in other guanine-nucleotide binding proteins(grey, PDB coordinates: 1DAR, 2E1R, 2WRI, 1Z0I, 5CA8, 1XTQ, 4YLG, 1SF8, 5BXQ ...